Privacy policy

The Internet shopping website "Adler Online Shop" operated by ADLER Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes the importance of personal information and appropriately manages it as the basis of business activities. We believe that it is our social responsibility. As part of this, in order to properly protect and handle personal information, we have established the following policy and will respond company-wide. Enjoy your shopping with peace of mind. Personal information in this policy means information that can identify individual customers such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. collected from customers.

  1. In addition to conducting educational and enlightenment activities for employees and operational staff, we will limit the departments that handle personal information and assign a manager in each department to ensure the appropriate management of personal information.
  2. When collecting personal information from customers, we will clearly inform you of the purpose and use it for the following purposes.
    1. Receiving orders for products and services
    2. Delivery of purchased products
    3. Answering inquiries from customers
    4. Information about sales, products and services
    5. Collection of opinions (questionnaires, etc.) regarding our services
    6. Creation of statistical data on service usage trends, etc.
    Depending on the product purchased, the product may be delivered directly to the customer from a business partner such as a manufacturer or distributor. In that case, we will provide the customer's information (name, address, telephone number, purchased product name, etc.) necessary for delivery to the business partner. In addition, the customer information necessary for the delivery of the products purchased by the customer will be provided to the shipping company with which we have a contract for delivery operations. However, we have entered into individual sales contracts and non-disclosure agreements with business partners and delivery companies, and each business partner and delivery company is responsible for protecting the personal information of our customers. Therefore, we do not use customer information for purposes other than delivering products.
  3. We strictly store and manage personal information collected from customers, and take reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access by third parties, leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, etc. of personal information. I will teach. However, in light of the fact that even with these measures, we cannot assert that security is complete, we do not guarantee the prevention of information leakage, loss, falsification, etc. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. We may provide or jointly use the personal information collected from our customers to business partners, subcontractors, and successors of our related business (merger, business transfer, etc.). Other than that, we will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
    1. When disclosure is required by law, government agency, etc.
    2. When the customer has given prior consent to the disclosure of personal information
    3. When we deem it necessary to protect the life, health, property, etc. of our customers and third parties
    4. When we provide information (including but not limited to product information, event information, etc.) to customers by e-mail or telephone. However, customers who do not wish to provide information can decline to provide information by notifying us.
    5. When we determine that it is necessary for us to directly respond to inquiries from customers from our business partners, affiliated companies, etc.
    6. When disclosing personal information to business partners, affiliated companies, etc. who have signed a non-disclosure agreement with us in advance
    7. When disclosing/providing sales results, usage trends, etc. to a third party, the Company aggregates information as a group of information in which individual personal information cannot be identified.
  5. If a customer wishes to inquire, correct, or delete their own personal information, after confirming that the request was made by the customer himself/herself, we will promptly respond within a reasonable scope and period. We will respond.
  6. In addition to complying with laws and regulations related to the protection of customers' personal information, we will review the contents of this policy from time to time and strive to improve it. I will.
  7. A cookie is a mechanism that temporarily records information such as access records sent from the website visited by the customer to the customer's computer. We use cookie information to improve our service to our customers. If you do not wish to use our services, please disable (opt out) the cookies in your browser settings. In that case, please note that the use of each service of our shop may be restricted.

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